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Appointing a Conveyancing Solicitor is another large cost associated with purchasing a property so make sure that you are getting value for money. Ensure that you know whether you are appointing an actual lawyer to do your conveyancing or a “solicitor-supervised” conveyancing company.  The difference can mean the extent to which you are legally represented and the expertise involved.  If you are attracted by the lower fees of conveyancing companies then double check the extent of their service and expertise and still compare costs with lawyers as they are often similar. Keep in mind that conveyances often charge lower fees for a lesser service. If the legal work aspect is removed from the conveyancing work in the purchase or sale of prpoerty, the clients is left with just a clerical service, without the associated protections of full legal representation. 

Dealing solely in conveyancing for over 10 years we offer expert conveyancing services for;

  • Houses
  • Units
  • Townhouses
  • or Land Transactions
Our Conveyancing Services are fully backed by certified solicitors and all of our costs are fixed - no hidden fees. 

Have piece of mind and confidence that you have a professional team representing you.

Brisbane Conveyancing Solicitors

If you would like more information and costs of a competitively priced conveyancing solicitor with experience and expertise in property conveyancing and law in Brisbane, then fill in the form below at no obligation.

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Conveyancing Solicitor Brisbane
Conveyancing Solicitor Brisbane
Conveyancing Solicitor Brisbane
Conveyancing Solicitor Brisbane
Conveyancing Solicitor Brisbane